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Psychogeography - a phenomenon resisting definition

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Watch this space....

Our next event will take place in Oxford on

Monday 17 February 2014

(see 'next event' page, above)


Full details of subsequent events will be posted about a month in advance.  These are ideas in the pipeline....

Future events

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Possible outlines of future projects:




Places of incarceration in and around Oxford.  Of course, there is Oxford prison within the castle (closed 1996, replacing incarceration by shopping and ‘heritage’) but also the site of the Bocardo, Campsfield House, Littlemore Hospital, Bullingdon at Arncott, Huntercombe…..?  Could evoke Michel Foucault and Ronnie Barker…


•‘Meetings of two worlds’. Places, especially urban locations, are inhabited differently.  In many cases there is a multiplicity of purposes for the presence of people in a given place.  Sometimes, this can lead to extreme juxtapositions, e.g. a night shelter opposite a prestigious Student Union.  We could test the vibe at some propitious places.